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Seto Inland Sea’s beautiful and delicious seasonal food

Our dishes bring out the full flavor of the ingredients with seafood of Seto Inland Sea as the central figure. We cook carefully so that you can enjoy their tastes from season to season.
You can choose from traditional Japanese course dinner to simple course.
As an option, we respond to all kinds of your demands.

Note: To enjoy these, you have to make a reservation by the time we close the restaurant a day before you come. 

Reservation required Course meal with sukiyaki of high quality A5 ranked Hiroshima beef Current price

A5 is the rank that Japan rank Japanese cows uniquely. This rank system isn’t applied in foreign countries. Japanese cows that have marbled meat are raised with great care; dairy farmers feed high quality fodder and massage cows. Among Japanese cows, A5 ranked beef is the highest grade and its marbled meat mesmerizes people all over the world.

Sukiyaki of high quality A5 ranked Hiroshima beef Current price

*Note You should reserve this before the day you want to eat.


Meal menu

Conger bowl (Anago-donburi) 3,300yen
Conger sushi 2,800yen
Japanese-style fried chicken set 1,600yen
Fried oyster set 2,500yen
Sashimi set 2,500yen
Tempura set 2,500yen
Tempura bowl (ten-don) 2,000yen
Nigiri-sushi (popular-sushi) 2,900yen
Thick rolled sushi (big sushi roll) 2,500yen
Tuna roll 2,500yen
Cucumber roll 1,200yen
Pickled radish roll 1,200yen
Japanese ume plum and Japanese basil roll 1,200yen
Dishes made of Miyajima’s noted product, conger
Dishes made of Miyajima’s noted product, conger
Full course meal of conger 8,000yen
Conger sushi 2,500yen
Conger bowl 2,900yen
Conger tempura 2,500yen
Conger sashimi 2,900yen
Conger yanagawa 2,500yen
Grilled conger 2,500yen
Dishes of oyster, Hiroshima’ speciality
Dishes of oyster, Hiroshima’ speciality
Full course meal of oyster
(November – March)
Fried oyster 2,500yen
Grilled oyster 2,500yen
Vinegared oyster
Raw oyster(November – March)
Oyster that is grilled with butter 2,500yen
Fried oyster set 2,500yen
Oyster hot pot per person (from 2 persons) 3,800yen
(from 2 persons)
Oyster hot pot for a person 2,500yen
Dishes of fugu (only in winter)
Dishes of fugu
Course meal of fugu
(December – February)

Fugu sashimi, boiled fugu, appetizer, rice gruel, deep fried fugu
※Reservation required

Nibbles for drink
Sashimi Assorted sashimi, thin sliced sashimi with ponzu sauce, fish served alive, conger and so on
Vinegared dishes Octopus, shrimp, cockscomb pearl mussel, adductor muscle and so on
Deep-fried food Assorted tempura, shrimp tempura, octopus tempura, squid tempura, vegetables tempura, fried rockfish, Japanese fried chicken, fried oyster and so on
Grilled dish Salt-grilled prawn, salt-grilled rockfish, unseasoned grilled conger, grilled conger and so on
Boiled dish Boiled rockfish, mixture of boiled vegetables, yanagawa and simmered porgy
Meat dish Raw beef, steak and Japanese fried chicken
Others Tofu served cold, Deep-fried tofu, sake-steamed clams, clams that is grilled with butter and so on
Drink menu
Beer (medium sized bottle) Asahi and Kirin 750yen
Draft beer 650yen
Sake 880yen
Unheated sake 1,500yen-
(diluted with hot water, diluted with water, mixed with soda water)
Whisky 800yen
(orange, coke and kirin lemon)
Oolong tea 300yen
Wine 800yen

※We can serve delicious coffee after you eat.

Thin sliced conger sashimi

Thin sliced conger sashimi

Since it is reported in various kinds of media, our conger sashimi is very popular. We make whole fresh conger into sashimi. Please enjoy tasty food that can only be eaten in here. In addtion to this sashimi. We have conger dishes such as tempura and grilled one.

Only in November to March full course meal of oyster

In this full course meal, we use plenty of Hiroshima’s oysters that we only serve in winter. Oysters that were got in Seto Inland Sea are fully used in every dish in the course as the name of the menu says. Please enjoy the chewy and creamy texture of the oyster.

  • Full course meal of oyster
  • Fried oysters
  • Rice boiled with oysters
  • Oyster hot pot
  • Grilled oyster
  • Raw oyster

Japanese course dinner of the season

The dishes are used plenty of seafood from Seto Inland Sea. We cooked this course dinner delicately, using seafood from Seto Inland Sea from season to season. You can enjoy them by eating and seeing.

We prepare two courses:
7,700 yen course and 5,500 yen course(tax excluded)

Gluten-free policy


We change every dish to gluten-free menu as much as we can.
But we may have some time that we can’t respond to your demand.

Gluten-free policy

1 .We don’t use wheat and wheat-derived ingredients.
2. We have Japanese seasoning that is gluten-free.
3. We can’t prepare oil that is only for cooking gluten-free food. Therefore, we can’t serve fried food for you.
4. If you have some requests about food, please feel free to tell us.

<About dining>

  • ・In winter, we can change some grilled dishes and fried dishes to grilled oyster on the shell and fried oyster if you make a reservation in advance. Please tell us when you make a reservation.
  • ・We serve dishes with full of oysters only in winter (the middle of October – the last of March). Please inquiry us
  • ・As an option, we cook any dishes using seafood of Seto Inland Sea as you wish.
  • ・The place to eat will be the restaurant called “Yamaichi-Bekkan” (it is located on the first floor) or your room.