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Accommodation Information

Accomodation information

We are the smallest inn in Miyajima. We only have 4 rooms.
The inn is a 3-story building. We don’t have convenient facilities like luxury hotels and inns.
Since we don’t have an elevator, we cause you inconvenience a lot.
We are very sorry for your inconvenience but we'd appreciate if you can take this into your consideration.
Our rooms are very small. There’s no public bath.
We devote ourselves to serve delicious local cuisine. Please enjoy meals.

Japanese course dinner(standard)


We cook Japanese dinner course menu.Each course (from A to C) different by grade.(If you have some allergies, we will make some arrangements for you.Please feel free to request.)

Muslim Friendly

Japanese course dinner with Halal
from 25,300yen

We make a Japanese-style dinner menu for Muslim people with hoping you good understanding about Japanese-foods. We have Halal wagyu (Japanese beef).We have a prayer room.
(Breakfast is curry and rice)


Muslim Corresponded Policy

1. We don't have Halal Certificate.
2.Our restaurant doesn't serve pork.
3.The kitchen is used to cook every meal we offer. It isn't exclusively for Haral.
4.The seasoning doesn't include any alcohol and ingredients that was made from pork. Chicken and beef are meat with Halal Certificate.
5.Every menu for Muslim are cooked by kitchenware that is only for Haral. We separate these from those of others.
6.Generally, we use the same dishes and tableware. If you don’t want to use our dishes and tableware, we can prepare disposable dishes.
7.If you want to pray, we will prepare space for you.Please feel free to tell us!



We make Japanese-style menu for vegans and vegetarians. We can add some arrangements for Obo, Lacto, Lacto-Obo and Pesco. Please look our page at Happy cow.



Our policy of vegetarian and vegan food
山一別館 素食菜單

1 .We always prepare food for all vegetarians and vegans. 本店平時提供全素菜單
2. In our vegetarian and vegan food, we don’t use “Gokun”. Gokun is five vegetables (garlic, onion, green onion, green onion, leek and scallion) that vegetarian who believe in Buddhism can’t eat. 本店素食菜單完全不使用五辛
3. When we cook vegetarian and vegan food, we use vegetable oil. We don’t use them to fly meat or fish.
4. Every menu for vegans and vegetarians is cooked by kitchenware that is only for vegan and vegetarian food. They are not used to cook non-vegetarian food. 廚房用具也跟葷的材料分開使用
5. If you have some requests and questions about foods, please feel free to tell us We can cook to meet your demand even if you are Lacto, Ovo, Lacto-ovo or Pesco. 如果有需求的話,請詢問店員

*This course is for vegetarians, not for vegans.

Gluten free


We cook Japanese course dinner without using gluten. We try our best to meet every demand. Each course (from A to C) is different by grade.(If you don’t like Japanese food, we will change to western food. Please feel free to request.)


Gluten free policy

1 .We don’t use wheat and wheat-derived ingredients.
2. We have Japanese seasoning that is gluten-free.
3. We can’t prepare oil that is only for cooking gluten-free food. Therefore,
we can’t serve fried food for you.
4. If you have some requests about food, please feel free to tell us.



“We want our guests to spend relaxing time in the beginning of the day with feeling warmth.”
We think in that way and we serve right volume of Japanese food and Western food.
Please have a beautiful morning.
If you are Muslim, we serve you curry.

Japanese-style room

This room has a warm atmosphere, so you will feel a sense of nostalgia.
From the window, you may be able to see deer in the park
We want to recommend this room if you are a couple.

Japanese-style room
Japanese- style room for group

Japanese- style room for group

Wide room with 20 tatami mats (32.4 m2) Please create great memories in this simple and relaxing room. We recommend this room if you want to have a good time with group of your friends.

Western-style room

Western-style twin room. The warm light enters this room, so you can spend comfortably. We recommend this room if you are in a small group.

Western-style room

Room facilities and amenities

Air conditioner, bath, toilet, television, yukata, toiletries, bath goods, tea set and safe, Wi-Fi




You can enjoy our speciality here where the warm light enters. If you want to take meals in a private room, please contact us in advance. We’ll try our best to respond to your demand.

Party room

Party room

Party room Up to 40 people. You can use this room for various purposes such as dinner after yuino (traditional Japanese engagement ceremony), wedding after party, dinner after the happy events and dinner after the unhappy events. We can provide some services. We help you change into dress or kimono when you have a wedding. You can rent dress or kimono that we have. We can take pictures for you.


We don’t have an accommodation plan for 1 person.

Rate for adult
Basic rate (per person) 15,400yen
Peak season rate 1
(GW, 10/20 – 11/30)
*GW:Golden Week is a week from April 29th to early May that contains a number of Japanese holidays.
Peak season rate 2
(12/31 – 1/3)
22,000yen (Including two meal)
During the Miyajima Fireworks Festival
*About Miyajima Water
Fireworks Festival
22,000yen (Including two meal)

Credit cards we accept VISA, Master Card
Cancellation Charge ・If you cancel up to 7 days before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged.
・If you cancel after that period or in case of no-show, 100 percent of the first day accommodation charge will be incurred.
Check-in 3:00 p.m
Check-out 10:00 a.m
Amenities Shampoo and Rinse, Soap, Tooth Brush & Tooth Paste, Shaving Set,
Hair Drier, Bath Towel, Face Towel, Tea Set, Yukata
Surroundings Close to seaport
Nearby attractions Itsukushima Shrine (World Heritage Site), Temples, Shopping, Hiking, Swimming
Type of architecture A 4-story ferroconcrete building